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Thursday, September 8, 2011

NSW Royal Veteran Stephen Meaney

I am looking for descendents of Stephen Meaney (native of Ireland) who came to Tasmania as part of the NSW Royal Veteran Battalion in 1826. Stephen was married to Mary / Margaret O'Callaghan. Before enlisting in the NSW Royal Veterans Corp he served in the 66th Regiment of Foot, 10th Veteran Battalion and 3rd Veteran Battalion.

As far as we can ascertain Stephen and Mary had 3 children.

John Thomas
Circa 1820, Cork, Ireland
1878, Victoria
Guest Frances Mary (Frances Fanny)
in 1848, Hobart, Tasmania
Circa 1822, Ireland
1841, Hobart, Tasmania
Rayner William James
in 1840, Hobart, Tasmania
Mary Anne
Circa 1826 RC, Hobart, Tasmania
1859, Hobart, Tasmania
Armitage Joseph
in 1843, Hobart, Tasmania

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Anonymous said...

My husband is a decendant of Stephen Meaney. Are you still looking for information?

Anonymous said...

Hello. GedCom shows that we are related to Meaneys in Hobart, Tasmania. We are Meaneys from Wilmington, Delaware, USA by way of Inishowen, Ireland. Cheers.