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Mining Engineers in Tasmania

 GenTree has compiled a small booklet on the 14 men who received a Certificate of Competency  in Charge at Mining Plants in Tasmania between 1890 and 1905.

1. William Gifford Burrell son of William Christopher Burrell and Jane Adelaide Ellis
      wife: Edith Mary Hook
2. James Nimmo Dewar son of Robert Dewar and Grace Nimmo
     wife: Margaret Weir
3. Robert Evans son of Roger Evans and Anne Roberts
4. James H Dawson born 1867 Invercargill NZ.
5. Andrew Currie son of Edward Currie and Amelia Watts
    wife: Emily Caroline Morley
6. James Murdoch born 1867 Cambruslang, Glasgow, Scotland
7. Alfred John Todd  son of Alfred J Todd and Ellen,
   wife: Minnie Gertrude Bell
8. William Henry Hobby son of William Hobby and Mary Ann White
    wife Margaret Maria Fahey
9. Alexander Ranking McSkimming son of William McSkimming and Marjorie
   wife Catherine Jane Williams
10. William Albert John Briggs son of James Briggs and Anne Theresa Corcoran,
     wife Clara Ellen Allport
11. Arthur Samuels Judge son of George Judge and Christina Monk
     wife Catherine Maria McLennan
12. Hugh Astles son of Thomas Astles and Harriett
     wife Alice Helena Lewis
13. Joseph Hardy son Henry Thomas Hardy and Jane
14. Joseph Henry Levings son of John Leving and Ann Delaney
      wife  Louisa Victoria Delbridge