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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Non Pioneer Registered BDM in Tasmania

Whilst visiting the lovely little town of Colebrook recently we met  a wonderful couple at at St Patrick's Catholic Church. Whilst deep in discussion (family history of course) an idea was floated out there that we thought was wonderful and deserved consideration. To the gentleman who suggested it thank you.

The idea:
To compile a list of  birth, deaths and marriages in Tasmania that are not registered on the Tasmanian Pioneer and Federation Indexes.

So if you have a birth , death or marriage in Tasmania that was not registered we would like to hear from you. The aim is to provide a free on line database that can be easily accessed by all.  Your birth, death or marriage must be referenced though, no we think their parents are etc.

References can be
Newspaper articles - of the birth, marriage or death notice stating son or daughter of.
Baptism or burial records.
Headstone information.
Family bible
Death or Marriage certificate citing parents or children

The list is endless.

If you have an ancestor who fits this bill then email us their details (along with the reference) and we will add it to the database.  or post it to GenTree Australia  14 Burnett Street, New Norfolk, 7140

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Bilson - Bennett Family of Tasmania

Bilson - Stonehouse Family Tree
Generation 1: Sarah Nixon nee Unknown
                         Born: circa 1786 Middleton, Durham, England
                       (grandmother of Charles Bilson (gen 3)

Generation 2: Thomas Bilson married Sarah Wood
                        13 January 1837 Wolfhampcote, Warwick, England

Generation 3: Charles Bilson (son of Thomas and Sarah)
                        Born: 26 July 1846 Wolfhampcote / Flecknoe , Warwick, England
                        Died: 4 June 1927, Devonport, Tasmania, Australia
                        Married: Circa December 1870, Guisborough, York, England

                       Sarah Stonehouse (daughter of Thomas Stonehouse and Mary Unknown)
                       Born: 15 May 1853, Guisborough, York, England

Generation 4:
Margaret (Meg) Bilson
Born: 9 June 1872 Loftus, York, England
                        Died: 1957,  Kew, Victoria Aust. Cremated 18 April 1857, Springvale.
                        Married: Henry John T Frankland;  5 February 1893, Waratah, Tas, Aust.

Thomas Bilson
Born: 1874, Loftus, York, England
Married: Circa 1912, Burnie, Tasmania, Aust.
Elizabeth Ann Langmaid nee Bennett (sibling of William Henry Bennett)

Maud Mary Bilson
Born: 1880, Skelton, York, England
Died: 16 May 1955, Hobart, Tasmania, Australia
Married: William Henry Bennett (sibling of Elizabeth Ann Bennett) 
4 April 1905, Stanley, Tas. Aust.   (Divorced)
Arthur Russell married 1942, Victoria, Australia

Walter Bilson
Born: 1879, Skelton, York, England
Died: 16 May 1955, Hobart, Tasmania, Australia
Married: Ellen Hulcombe

Charles Bilson
Born:  1 June 1886, Waratah, Tasmania, Australia
Died: 9 July 1948, Latrobe, Tasmania, Australia

Jessie Bernice Bilson
Born:  19 December 1893, Waratah, Tasmania, Australia
Died: 30 September 1936, Chelthnam, Victoria, Austrlaia
Married: Joseph Shepherd Kirby

If you have any information on Maude Mary  or Thomas and families we would love to hear from you.
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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Bennett, Wild, Tivey, Winrow Family

I am looking for descendants of Bennett, Wild, Tivey, Winrow Families

* Charles Bennett  married Elizabeth Wild (Derbyshire) came to Tasmania, Australia in 1826
* Stephen Winrow married Mary Wild (Stephen was a convict who came to NSW) son Gregory and John Winrow were also convicts sent to Tasmania
* Samuel Tivey married Pheobe Wild came to NSW Australia circa 1848

Elizabeth, Mary and Phoebe were sisters.

Trica at

Simon Carson and Family

I am looking for information and descendants of Simon Carson born 1785 Ireland died 1861, New Norfolk, Tasmania. Simon served in the 32nd Foot Regiment and was a veteran of the Napoleonic Wars before enlisting in the NSW Royal Veterans and coming to Tasmania in 1826.

Simon born circs 1811, Ireland
Elizabeth born  1815, England or Ireland married Robert Henry

Simon was a widow when he came to Tasmania

rhe17846 at

Thursday, September 8, 2011

NSW Royal Veteran Stephen Meaney

I am looking for descendents of Stephen Meaney (native of Ireland) who came to Tasmania as part of the NSW Royal Veteran Battalion in 1826. Stephen was married to Mary / Margaret O'Callaghan. Before enlisting in the NSW Royal Veterans Corp he served in the 66th Regiment of Foot, 10th Veteran Battalion and 3rd Veteran Battalion.

As far as we can ascertain Stephen and Mary had 3 children.

John Thomas
Circa 1820, Cork, Ireland
1878, Victoria
Guest Frances Mary (Frances Fanny)
in 1848, Hobart, Tasmania
Circa 1822, Ireland
1841, Hobart, Tasmania
Rayner William James
in 1840, Hobart, Tasmania
Mary Anne
Circa 1826 RC, Hobart, Tasmania
1859, Hobart, Tasmania
Armitage Joseph
in 1843, Hobart, Tasmania

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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

NSW Royal Veteran John Kirkwood

I am looking for descendents of John Kirkwood who came to Tasmania as part of the NSW Royal Veteran Battalion in 1826. John was married to Mary Ann Unknown and had 6 children. As far as we can ascertain John and Mary Anne had 6 children.

Elizabeth (married Andrew Hopkins)
Mary Ann (married William Cordwell)
Unknown child born circa 1826 -1832
Unknown child born circa 1826 -1832
Joanna (died infant)
Margaret (died age 3)


Monday, February 21, 2011

Bennett / Anthony

We are searching for information on Rose Sophia Anthony who was married to / in a defacto relationship with Thomas Bennett in the Launceston area in Tasmania. No birth (circa 1828) or marriage certificate (circa 1852)  has been found for Rose. Her death certificate states that she came to Australia as a child age 12 circa 1840. Rose used a variety of names on her childrens birth certificates- aka Sarah Smith, Sarah Rose, Rose Anany, Rose Antony.. Rose died in 1911 and wad buried in Cypress Street Cemetery, Launceston, Tasmania.